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Challenging times

Baru is the name of a range of wines we recently introduced from Sicilly. One red, Nero d’Avola, the indigenous grape which is related to the scrumptuous grenache grape we associate strongly with Spain and two indigenous white wines.  James visited Sicilly last summer and came back determined to find some great value wines from this upcoming wine region. Baru offered the quality and value we hoped plus an extra ingredient – it challenged our members. Nero d’Avola is not shiraz, not cabernet sauvignon, not merlot, not pinot noir or even carignan that often sneaks into popular wines from southern France.

The opening of these wines did not quite set off Mt. Etna in thousands of home across our long country, but it did cause more than a ripple across the Straits of Messina. Our members on Australian Wine Club rate all the wines, without censorship and we read every one of the hundreds of ratings. These Baru wines attracted a lot of interest and emails. Many of you loved the wines, it sold out quickly, but an unusually high number told us you didn’t like it. Jonas Palmberg from Trelleborg http://www.australianwineclub.se/wine_details.php?wine_id=520 gave the wine 11/20, one of the lowest scores we have ever had for a wine. Thank you Jonas for being honest and telling us what you thought of the wine. Ann Wikström from Skövde gave it 20/20, which may be overly generous and there were numerous ratings of inbetween scores. But it shows that James and Jimmy acheived their objective – they challenged your senses, made you try something new that maybe you had not tried before and you can either add or delete these fine Sicillian wines to your list of favourites. At the very least you can add it to your list of wine grapes tried!

We love getting ratings for our wines and as we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee we need to know what our members think about the wines so we can maintain our high quality and still challenge you every now and then!

Challenging times hit Premium Wines Sweden, one of the 3 wine import companies owned by Altia, the Finnish alcohol group. Premium Wines will be closed done and their products absorbed into the other two Altia companies with the loss of 15 jobs. The strength of the Euro and no doubt Systembolaget’s insistence that alcohol importers subsidise Swedish alcohol consumers played a part in this decision. Premium Wines were the first wine importers to welcome Antipodes Premium Wines into their industry in 2004. We got a letter from their lawyers telling us we could not use the name Antipodes Premium Wines as it infringed on their name. We told them in a very Australian way to sod off and eventually made friends when they changed senior management and were acquired by Altia. To our friends there we wish you good luck and hope that you find new and challenging jobs in the near future. Hopefully the stupidity that importers should bear the brunt of the strong Euro while all other consumer goods companies can in some way pass on part of the price increase it to the retailers and customers will change before more jobs are lost in the industry. While Systembolaget’s sales keep rising during these challenging times it is immoral that they should cause more lost jobs to be added to the pile. Their owners have to pick up the tab in the end anyway!

Note: we do not sell any wine to Systembolaget so this problem does not impact us. As a currency moves against the Kronor we quickly move our purchasing to wine producing countries with more favourable currencies so we can always offer the same great value wines to our members.