About Vinfrihet

Welcome to my blogg or is that blog, Blogg or, well, as you can see I am new to this instant online publishing tool. Since starting Australian Wine Club in 2004 I have pondered having my own blog-thing and creating a window to the new world of direct sales of quality wine in Sweden.
In the early years we were so busy buying and selling wine there was not much time and perhaps insufficient audience for one. Now, with more than 20,000 members we have the audience and now more than ever, the need to communicate our views.
In January of 2008 history was made when several hundred winelovers throughout Sweden received home or direct delivery of a case of 12 bottles of wine specially selected by our Sommeliers. When the Rosengren decision of June 2007 by the EU Court of Justice opened up the market for legal imports of alcohol into Sweden, we were the first to offer a national service that effectively saw Systembolaget face competition for the fine wine market.
Our goal has always been to offer winelovers a choice of where and how to buy their quality wine. We are passionate about freedom of choice and the responsibilty that comes with it.
I hope my new blog will given some insight into our wine business, how we select the wines, the challenges we face and when those untrusting forces try to stop us, we will keep you informed and expose their activities. Our great team will also make regular entries to the blog so you can get to know more about what they do too.
The last Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, said that he had to try and give Hong Kong citizens a taste of democracy before the Territory was returned to Chinese rule in 1997. People, he said, would not fight for something that they had not experienced themselves, only for something that they risked losing. So I hope this blog, and our wine, will give you a taste of freedom, and be part of our fight to give Swedish winelovers a legal and simple, fun to use alternative soucre of quality wine.
Please participate in this blog in Swedish or English (I can read Swedish) and create a lively, interesting debate. I respect everyone’s comments as long as they are respectful of others.
Feel free to mention and recommend other direct wine services, the more legal choices wine consumers have the better and easier it is for us to enjoy our pleasurable wine interest.

One response to “About Vinfrihet

  1. Mark, please take in this article http://www.theonion.com/content/news/study_finds_link_between_red_wine
    which believe your blog may want to link to.


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