Finding New Ways

As regular readers of Vinfrihet will know, the story of how wine is delivered to our members is worthy of a Chinese Communist era soap opera: Capitalist Roadsters vs Little Redbook carrying Party Members. The first two scenes of the drama involved the bullies at KF (Konsum, Coop, Mataffaren) breaking their contract to deliver our wine and then Posten dismissing our business as too small to bother with. I am glad the audience is still watching because just as you hope for in any good movie, the good guys are making a come back!

Today we announced a national contract with Bring Express whose slogan, Finding New Ways, could easily be the sub text for our wine club business. From March 26 all orders placed with our wine clubs will be home delivered – EVERYWHERE IN SWEDEN! Bring’s impressive service will give our wine club members the best home delivery service in the country for the same low price we currentlyoffer of only 190kr a case of wine (150kr for the second and all subsequent cases of wine shipped free so the maximum anyone pays is 340kr for delivery). If you live in the archipelago outside of Stockholm or Göteborg there is an additional fee.

Every customer ordering on our wine club sites has their social security number verified to check that they are over 20 and Bring Express’ handsomely dressed in green drivers check the ID of all people receiving the wine and have them sign for it. This is the best and only 100% age checking for alcohol sales in Sweden. Bring will also call up every customer to book a delivery time up to 21:00 and call 30 minutes before arrival so most members will be able to leave for home when they get the call and the smart green van arrives with the much awaited package.

That is what we call service!

 The whole experience of negotiating with Bring Express and the implementation of the logistics when compared to our 12 month ordeal with Posten is like the difference between Obama and Mao. One gives you hope for the future the other makes you regret the past!

While our members enjoy the benefits of Bring’s national service and our great wine, we await the eventual criticism from Systembolaget (bla bla bla against community health…) and the anti alcohol lobby (bla bla bla against community health….) who were the shadow puppet masters in the first two scenes of this Chinese soap opera. As long as Systembolaget sells spirits, beer and 60% of its wine sold is bag in box products with use by dates 11 months from filling, people in glass pagodas should not throw stones!

Thank you Tobias, Jonas, Stefan, Charlotte and the whole Bring team. We know you will have the courage to stand up to the puppet masters and live up to fulfilling your slogan to the benefit of Swedish consumers of quality wine!

Cheers to Bring!



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