A sea change is coming

March starts with our daughter’s birthday and ends with our son’s and somewhere in between there are the birthday parties and time for reflection on the job my wife and I are doing as parents. Time to reflect is not usually scheduled in Outlook: 10:00 – 11: 00 Monday reflect, is not a common entry in my calendar. But with all that has been going on in the world lately intraspection, looking into ourself and our own life, is more important than reflecting on what has been when the newspapers make such depressing daily reading.

What does this have to do with wine? Everything eventually comes back to the nectar of the gods! Our wine club business gives us a good insight into the pulse of society today and despite what we read it is happy and content. With so many thousands of members buying our wine, writing to us, calling us and specially attending the numerous events we hold each month we sense a change a happenin! This last weekend in Göteborg’s Mat & Passion fair the attendance was 3x last years as the friendly people at the front door of Sweden sought out more of the finer things in life. Our sommeliers who attended the event were overwhelmed by the interest in Australian Wine Club and our service from thousands of attendees. Our own events around the country and sale of wine through our wine clubs which continues to grow month on month are showing a similar sea change – quality wine and food is not a luxury anymore, it is an important part of our identity and lifestyle. As an Australian-born Swede I find this encouraging and something I hope that the government authorities are tuned into – drinking habits are changing, so they should foster the good and hopefully the recently suggested changes to the Swedish alcohol laws will not dampen this positive trend.

Our wine club members are telling us in different ways that quality wine is important to them. More of our subscribers contact us to increase the frequency or value of their order than to cancel it (thankfully a very small number, but members do move abroad and passaway, sadly). There are now more than 100 member ratings of our wines on the Australian Wine Club website which shows that you who drink the wine are thinking about it, assessing it and want to share your thoughts on it. Fine Wine Society (www.finewinesociety.se) has been a huge success for members who know that by spending a little more you get a lot more wine in the bottle.

Our members share the opinion that it should be easy and fun to order and buy quality wine and more time should be spent drinking it than standing in line to buy it. Therefore, we recently opened a Wine Advisory centre where wine club members can talk to our team of trained wine advisors to discuss their wine preferences and take their orders. If your mobile phone is more accessible than your computer then SMS 72500 wine and your name we will even call you right back.  Here is a photo of a few of the wine advisors during a recent tasting and education class in our office.


or email vinradgivare@australianwineclub.se and someone will call you right back. We will soon open up the telephone lines so members can call in directly but given the demand on the wine advisors so far we are trying to hire and train more so we can maintain a high level of service and not keep you waiting to answer the call.

The sea change is coming to Sweden and we are proud to help our members enjoy these good things in life!



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