History of alcohol politics in Sweden

Thank you to the large number of people who wrote to the Chairwoman of KF to express your support for our company at how KF has treated us. A selection of the emails have been posted as comments to the below posting. It is clear that many people feel strongly about fairness, good business ethics and do not want the established forces to restrict their legal access to quality wine. Thank you and please encourage your friends to also write. Naturally we have not had any response from KF.

I recently read an enlightening magazine article on the history of alcohol politics in Sweden. The fact that such a term as “alcohol politics” exists here should be enough to raise yourcuriosity to learn more! Then last week I was pleased to meet the author of the article and the new editor of Neo Magazine http://www.magasinetnetneo.se, Mattias Svensson.

Here is the article http://www.voltaire.se/index.php?article=89 I can highly recommend it but be warned, have a good glass of red wine at your side to calm the nerves as you read it.



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