A fine society

Wednesday Feb 11 we re-launched a wine club for fine wines (150kr and up) which may be as smart as opening a Rolls Royce showroom in these times but I think it is the right focus for these times……..

Fine Wine Society (www.finewinesociety.se) is what the name says – a society. ” an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes.” You can strike the religious, benevolent (unless you bring along a bag-in-box drinking friend and expose them to real wines), scientific, political and patriotic. Fine Wine Society is about cultural and other purposes.

FWS will organise regular wine dinners in Stockholm with our wonderful chef Johannes Videhult with wines selected and presented by Sommelier Jimmy Forsman. Many members would have attended our dinners before so you know what to expect.

Fine wine (wine made with the greatest of care and in tiny quantities that have developed a strong reputation for its quality and uniqueness over many years ) is a part of what makes the society important now – connecting with people with whom you have something in common with to create memorable experiences that excite the 4 senses through wine, food and interesting conversation. When we are busy we put relationships and people to one side as we strive to make hay while the sun shines. Fancy restaurants with expensive wine lists, long-weekend holidays to sunny places, quick lunches grabbed with old friends make up our indulgences.

Sure, we could all work even harder now to make ends meet but the investment in time may not be worthwhile and now is the time to invest in our relationships with friends and family. I do it over good wine, good food with good friends.

Today we had three seperate  visitors to the office both of whom took the time to stay and chat for a while, drink some coffee and connect on a personal level even though the relationship came through business.  Wine is a great ice breaker subject and the conversation with my visitors today, a South African, an Australian and a Swede and her NY-resident Swedish brother, ambled into other interesting subjects that enabled each of us to give of ourselves and share our experiences strengthening the bonds of friendship.

That is what a society is to me. That is why I love the wine business, the people in it, the people I meet and those I am priviledged to work with. The Fine Wine Society is about connecting with people at a deeper level intellectually and emotionally over the common interest in wine.

Sommelier Jimmy Forsman has put together a range of wines which are assured to please both the palate and the purse and create a memorable experience. We have a large range of new wines coming in over the next few months which will create variety and interest for Society members.

FWS is not an e-commerce business, it is for people who love wine by people who love wine so if you want to talk to our wine advisors to get personal advice on what to buy you can call them or SMS 72500 the text Wine FWS and we will call you right back during working hours.



p.s thanks Karyl for your thoughtful email.

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