KF’s dishonest actions against wine freedom

Jan 16 and World of Wine industry newspaper published an interview with Pär Jansson on their reasons for cancelling the contract:  link to the whole article and below are Pär’s comments extracted: http://www.wownews.se/?a=6735

Det ligger hos Antipodes om de vill kommentera. Men jag ger inga som helst kommentarer, säger KF Näthandels ordförande Pär Jansson när WOW News ringer upp.

Men det är ganska allvarliga anklagelser att ni ska ha brutit ett avtal.

− Inga som helst kommentarer.

Men ni har haft ett avtal?

− Ja, vi har haft en överenskommelse, det stämmer. Det är jag som är ansvarig för den.

Och nu är det bruten?

− Vi har en tvist, det är det enda jag kan säga. Frågan ligger hos våra jurister, säger Pär Jansson innan han lägger på luren.

Since SVD exposed the dishonest actions of the retail KF (Coop, Konsum, Mataffaren, Akademibokhandeln, etc) there has been a number of other media publications contacting us and writing about it as well as a number of influential blogs writing about it. We are not alone in believing that KF has acted unethically and illegally!

Pär Jansson was quoted in one newspaper article saying he would not comment because the matter is finished as far as they are concerned. Famous last words!  Tell your friends about this blog if you also care about business ethics.

Fortunately AWC has had its best sales month ever and due to the support of our happy members we continue to grow and grow.  A good bottle of wine at home is a small luxury many of us would very reluctantly give up! 

If you are interested in how the giant KF deals with small companies working hard to promote free choice read this editorial article in SVD:


For more details read the page above titled: Ideology overrules honesty: Mataffären – KF

or more here http://www.thelocal.se/16820/20090109/

or this interesting blog: http://gudmundson.blogspot.com/2009/01/sjlv-fredrar-jag-grnstedts-monopol.html


Mark Majzner

Mark (at) antipodeswines.com

One response to “KF’s dishonest actions against wine freedom

  1. Des Bons Vins

    One word: Outrageous.
    Also read my post about this:

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