A Year Well Drunk

I once tried cellar management software to track the wine I keep at home for personal drinking. Opening Windows to check out a bottle is not as much fun as opening the bottle itself and by the time it had been consumed I was not in the frame of mind to bother recording its consumption. Wine is for drinking pleasure and the memory of it, if not its digital record, is what will stay with me (or not if it was a less than memorable drop).

So I have only memories of 2008 to share and no written record to jog my memory. But I recall it as a year well drunk.

During 2008 we expanded our portfolio of wines significantly to include products from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, South Africa to add to the Aussie and Kiwi wines already represented. The liquid memories that linger longest are:

Ch. Des Eyrins, 2004: Bordeaux as good as it gets even for non-Bordeaux drinkers such as myself.

Cru Monplaisir, 2006: little brother to Ch. Des Eyrins in price only. The biggest compliment I can give it is that it could come from Margaret River!

Voyager Chardonnay 2005: biggest compliment I can give this Margaret River beauty is that it could be a Chablis!

Port Phillip Shiraz 2004: Kooyong winemaker Sandro Mosele unleashes his perfectionism on something stronger and redder than a Pinot Noir grape.

Hebrart Cuvée de Reserve NV: our first champagne – Jimmy finally found bubbles that we could afford and he would drink!

Sileni Sauvignon Blanc: someone asked me why Australian SB does not taste as good as this fantastic NZ drop. Why should Australia try and copy these great Kiwi wines, they are hard to beat, I answered.

Dom. Durieu, Côte du Rhône, Plan de Dieu 2005: at 127kr this was our best value wine of the year. I would buy it and drink it at 180kr a bottle and still boast about it.

All things Spanish: we searched hard to find the style of Spaniol that was elegant, charming, strong and well made and were very pleased with the bottles put on offer.

All things Sicilian: James was determined to find some Sicilian wines after his summer vacation there. Thanks for our Italian agent Janet who put together this exclusive range of wines at amazing value prices, Mr. Overall got his wishes and our members got their big hit of nero d’avola.

The second most commonly asked question as our wine tastings is “what is your favourite wine” to which I return the question “to drink with what and with whom and where and when?”. So I am not going to pick my favourite bottle of the year but I will mention my most memorable event of the year just passed.

International wine guru Brett Crittenden visited with an arm full of his favourite wines from France, Italy and Germany to which our chef Johannes Videhult prepared an amazing meal to compliment the wines. As Brett described the street and hills on which each of these producers from Burgundy, Bordeaux and Tuscany lie, we were transported there with all our senses. We did not have to leave our wonderful office/restaurant to be there and experience these fluid gems. Good wine and food is an experience for all our senses and Brett took us on a journey we will not forget for a long time.

The Ch. Des Eyrins was one of his hand selected favorite wines and one of the few we were able to buy for sale to our members.

I rarely drink during our wine events but as Brett said, sometimes you just have to spit on the inside!

Next posting will give some insight to what 2009 will offer and hopefully it will be a year even better drunk.

Happy New Year!



p.s. drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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