How to cheat on wine tax

Sweden’s tabloid newspapers are marvellous sources of advice. How to lose 20kg in 20 days, save 1000kr on your mobile phone bill a year or how to make your computer run faster. Expressen’s new wine website wins the prize for best advice of the year: How to cheat on alcohol tax.

For example: 1 liter of Absolut vodka for 178kr compared to 700ml for 239kr from Systembolaget. The difference being the alcohol taxes.’s attractive new site features a large static banner ad from a tax cheating alcohol e-commerce store called I strongly support competition to our business but on a level playing field and within the law.

If you are wondering what the law states: alcohol tax and VAT must be paid in the country of destination if a third party transports the wine to you within the EU. If you collect the wine yourself in Germany, for example, then you pay only German VAT and alcohol tax. is a return to pre-2006 when NätSprit companies flooded Sweden with illegally imported booze, with some 60,000L a month being confiscated by the Swedish Customs at the boarder each month.

Buy alcohol online – it is your right. But pay the taxes – it is your duty.

And drink responsibly, it is all our obligation.



Remember, drink and drive and it may be the last thing you do!

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