Open Letter to Swedish Post’s CEO

Send some Xmas cheer to Lars




Hej Lars

I read this article in SVD this morning that you are going to give up your salary as CEO of Posten, some 5.4 million SEK. Now I understand why you have not answered my emails requesting Posten to deliver wine to our 26,000 wine club members in Sweden. You must be very busy with your financial advisors trying to work out how you will live off your pension and board directorship fees of 6,5 million SEK a year. I hope this sudden change to your personal financial circumstances will not cause you too much hardship.  If you are short of time to go down to the store to buy wine for you and the staff christmas part you know where to find it –  We will deliver it to your office for free if you buy enough.

It really is not fair that you should have to work for no salary, they should at least give you the same salary as your hardworking delivery people. It goes against the capitalist principles that be both believe in and have made you a wealthy guy. Maybe this is not the time to be turning away legal business. I am told by our current logistics partners that their delivery personnel really enjoy delivering wine “everyone is so happy to receive their package,” they say.

So Lars, this season why not get Posten to spread some Christmas cheer around Sweden. Deliver the thousands of boxes of quality wine to our members and give a little boost to your revenues, make your delivery personnel happy by working with a product that people are really glad to receive and of course spread some happiness around the country. Posten already delivers the ingredients for making moonshine so why not wine – or maybe that will be your drink of choice this winter in these hard financial times.

Merry Christmas

Mark Majzner

PS: Please spread the AWC motto to your 30.000 employees: If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot.


Hi Vinfrihet readers,

If you would like to collect your wine orders from Posten’s 1600 collection points please let Lars know, and maybe if enough of you write to Lars he will stand up to the political forces that are holding him back from making this sound business decision.



3 responses to “Open Letter to Swedish Post’s CEO

  1. I applaud Lars’ decision to work for free, and return his salary from the Swedish Postal Service. In difficult financial times such as these, news like Lars’ decision gives hope to the soul. And hope can be the beginning of something very wonderful.

  2. This is the opposite of one of the reasons we have the financial crisis – bankers earning huge salaries for doing nothing! Hopefully we find a middle way – fair wage for a fair day’s work.

  3. Robin Hertzman

    Absolutely in Denmark its possible. i Had delivered a bottle some years ago.
    And I even got delivered beer (HERE IN SWEDEN)
    through the Swedish postoffice, so i cannot understand the problem POSTEN already delivers beer (Falcon beer Falkenberg to Gothenburg)
    in “frigolite” Yours Robin Hertzman

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