SIME 2008

One year ago Vinfrihet (wine freedom) came to Sweden when I launched the direct sales business at a well received presentation at SIME 07, Scandinavia’s leading conference on internet and digital business . Last night Australian Wine Club sponsored a pre-launch party for SIME 08 (Nov 12-13 in Stockholm) in association with Tre Kronor Media where we gave an update on how far our business has come in the past 12 months and it is fantastic to get some positive feedback from other enterpreneurs and online marketers. Ola Ahlvarsson revealed to us a new side to Ace of Base member Ulf Ekberg  who spoke deeply and expertly on the power of the internet and reaching new audiences through new media. Thinking back to my time as a Director of Naxos ( , the world’s leading classical music CD company, I shivered at how he described the death of the record business but was pleased to hear how vibrant the music industry continues to be.

The DNA of Change is the theme of SIME 08 and what Australian Wine Club is doing to the Swedish wine market fitted in well with the theme. By offering quality wine drinkers a great product and high level of service we have already captured a meaningful share of the quality wine market in Sweden. Coming from outside the wine industry and using technology and modern marketing techniques we have been able to identify what our customers want and satisfy the demands.

SIME is always a highly inspirational, motivational and stimulating two days. I like their slogan: “We would rather die than be boring or irrelevant.”

Cheers: Mark Majzner

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