Downward pointing line graphs

Another day of headlines of world financial markets plummeting, crisis of confidence and all these graphs showing zig zagging lines pointing south. I don’t know about you but these graphs always make me thirsty as it reminds me of wine pouring out of a glass into a mouth!

We have been thinking about how this crisis will impact on quality wine sales. The very top of the wine market, the €1200  bottles of Ch. Latour has seen the price of its wines come down a bit recently (perhaps more to do with Robert Parker Jnr re-rating some of the wines of the 2005 vintage) but how robust is the relatively new food and wine movement in Sweden?  As we all feel poorer (whether we are indeed actually really poorer or not) will the meals of wild deer and a bottle of Ch. Neuf du Pape be swapped for Scan meatballs and Chill Out bag in box?

Or are these small luxuries in life now entrenched eating and drinking habits that we will all give up very reluctantly?  What do you think?

When the going gets tough I usually head to the cellar and take out a great bottle of wine. The sound and smell of the first glass being poured creates a wave of anticipation like a conductor standing before a world class symphony orchestra. The ritual swirl of the glass and the first sip stirs the senses, washes away the stress and ignites the taste buds for the awaiting meal. The power of a glass of good wine should not be ignored. A small luxury that I hope many of us will very reluctantly give up and better to drink wine and gain the health benefits than drink beer or spirits.

Note: The blog only promotes responsible drinking, is against any driving under the influence of alcohol and recommends that wine be always consumed in moderation with food. One, maximum two glasses of wine per day can promote health benefits while more than that can have harmful effects.

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