4 years of w(h)ine

4 years ago James Overall, my wife Johanna and I were sitting waiting for the container of wine to arrive from Australia so we could share some of it at the launch party for Australian Wine Club. A wonderful winemaker from Australia, Judi Cullam from Frankland Estate had flown over and the Arkitecture Museum booked for the party. The ship was late arriving in Stockholm and the wine was only available for collection the morning of the party. I awoke to one of the biggest snow storms Stockholm has experienced in October and was the only car on the freeway down to Jordbro to collect the wine. Judi had never seen snow in her well traveled life and fortunately a few hundred guests braved the weather to try our wines. 

That was 4 years ago – 1 container of wine, 1 website, 1 member (my mother, who does not count as she lives in Australia). While we have grown considerably since then, I should have known that the day the heavens opened and snow poured down, this was not going to be a smooth ride.  But we are here to celebrate 4 years and we hope to celebrate with a bottle of Sparkling Aussie Shiraz later this month!

We have tasted lots of good wine over the past 4 years with the occasional whine but getting comments and feedback from our members and meeting them during the many tasting events we do each year has been a major motivating factor. Having thousands of people each year tell us how much they enjoy our products gives us less reason to whine!

Cheers: Mark Majzner

2 responses to “4 years of w(h)ine

  1. ulf sallnäs


    I look forward to enjoying your fabulous wines for another four times four years and to sharing a few of them with you!

    All the best!

  2. we have a pinot noir waiting to be sampled that we purchased from a Yarra Valley vineyard during a gormet lunch. Fantastic blog for keeping everyone up to date with the latest.

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